Miss Teen Culture Contest

Miss Teen Culture Contest

By Utis sakulpakee

The first Miss teen Culture Contest of Thailand was held in Nongbualamphu province,on 21th of january,2011.18 entries were promoted to join this activity,and more than 500 viewers came to be this activity witness.

This photo shows a talent show of a candidate.


Showdown Must Go On,Hinted By PAD’S Leaders

Showdown Must go on,Hinted By PAD’s Leaders.

      Though The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holder Of Political Positions sentenced ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra two years in jail on 21th October 2008,convicting him of violating the National Country Corruption Act in the Rachadaphisek land purchase case,amidst satisfactorily cheering by PAD’s mass while watching and listening to judgemental description for Thaksin and his wife conviction,live broadcasting by ASTV at thier protesting site.

        Nevertheless,addressed by Sonthi  Limthongkul,one kingpin of PAD core leaders in the same night,comparing this struggle as the last block of 100 metres racing  competition that the strongest runner will be the winner of the competition.

             (Teerada01,23th October 2008)

Bloody Rally, But Royal Voice Still Quiet.


                                              Bloody Rally,But Royal Voice Still Quiet

   After becoming the longest days rally of People’s Alliance For Democracy (PAD) against Thaksin’s Nominee government,which thier escalated demands ended with the need for new political context suitable for Thailand as well as seeking the resignation of the current government leading by Prime minister Somchai Wongsawat,a brother in law of Thaksin Chinnawatra, the former Prime minister who escaped 5 charges of arrested warrants to England.The new politics for Thailand is PAD and other groups of people’s supreme tarkets to be formatted and apllied.Other than that,the traditional roles of the monarch that have been detained and limited within the written constitutions for more than 60 years are required to be returned back and performed in Thai social norms again.

       The violent crackdown on PAD protesters happened in the dawn of the 7 th October (coincidentally to the cruel suppressed against students in the 6th October 1975) in front of parliament when the anti-riot police fired the tear gas and plastic bullets including other unidentified war weapons to dispersed the protesters.The operation pursuited throughout the day until to the evening,caused 3 deads and more than 300 injuries PAD protesters.The incident tended to be more violent,and the armed force suppressions were  expected to be acted again in the night.PAD crowd at the rally sites and in the nationwide expected to see the armed force military who stand with royal side, coming out with the better final resolution to solve the crisis, but everything seemed to be quiet.

(Teerada 01,Posted on 9 th October 2008)

Neo-Politics Needed After Tasks.


                                             Neo-Politics Needed After Tasks

                    After the coming Tuesday 26th victorious declaration didnot reach its goals as expected.The People’sAlliance For Democracy or PAD core leaders turned the tactics of scatterring their tarkets as in virous protests,the tarkets could be predictatble,ie,the Gorvernment House,the Transport Ministry,and the Public Relation Department’s Radio Station and TV Station,and finally PAD mass laid siege to the Goverment House as their main protest site in order to escalate their battle goals.

                    The violent situations broke out,in Bangkok,there were the clash between PAD supporters and police at the PAD protest site at Makkawan Bridge,the incidents that police fired tear gas to the thousands of PAD demonstrators in front of the Headquarter of the Metropolitan Police Bureau.More over,the uprising of PAD supporters in the southern provinces seemed to increase the tesion,PAD supporters sieged the airport of Phuket,Songkhla,Krabi,meanwhile the unsatisfaction towrd the governmentof the people widen throughout the country.  

                    The government is in a dilemma,what should to be done?,to dissolve the parliament,or the Prime Minister should resign of the premier to cool temper.However, it is believed that even if PAD movement meets its victory.The tasks to be undertaking on are not to design the new form of election,or getting rid of Thaksin’s Nominee group,or to embody their idealism selected political parties,but the ultimately predictable tarkets of PAD kingpin leadres which already scheme in mind is to tranform the political structure of Thailand,the Neo-Political theme with the existence of the Monarchy Institution shall be instead.”It is enough and enough for our previous bull shit democracy”said Prof Puwadol Boonprasert one of PAD kingpin leaders. (teerada01,31st,August)

People With Umbrellas

                                                  People With Umbrellas

                                                     People with umbrellas

                                                     Beautiful but challenge

                                                     In the stormy nights,and on the sunny days

                                                     All they’re  marching in to touch their ways

                                                              Carry on standing,carry on shouting 

                                                              Carry on singing,and carry on dancing

                                                              Throughout 90 days long

                                                               On the road of Rachadamnoen songs

                                                        People with umbrellas

                                                       Graceful as in the drama

                                                        Standing shoulders by shoulders

                                                        Staring and crying together

                                                    I know what would end on coming Tuesday

                                                    I know what to touch is not far away

                                                    But I never need to close my eyes

                                                    When everyone has to say good-bye

                   ( Anonymous: The song of People With umbrellas,written before the final day of PAD rally)


 Bangkok,August 9th- The two political movement phenomenon were comparatively mentioned at the rally of PAD or People’s Allience for demovracy against the government by Somkiat Pongpaiboon,one PAD core leader.These so-called phenomenon were; the participation of students number for each political movement in the past and present time,he addressed that,previously, regardless of any rallies or demonstrations of peasants,labourers,or any other people groups who were affected by various unjustice,the students would be the front line of the struggles in order to lead the people to accomplished their expected purposes,but currently,particularly,for this movement,where have our students gone?,are they concentrating in widespread trade centers,delighting themselves with hard drink ,singing and dancing in some entertained places,or even confined themselves in the narrow classes of their campusses,he also utterly and wearily questioned.How ever,apparently,there are a number  of students from many universities throughout the country come and join the rally  with the aged and middle aged people who come from various scial statusses and social classes whose their same tarkets are to overcome The Puppet Thaksin Nominee Government leading by the Prime minister Samak Sunthorawet.The most mentionable university quoted for this rally is Rangsit University,a famous private university which lets its instructors,students,uncluding permits for using its vehicles to make convenience to take part with this rally. (Teerada 01,reported)


     Bangkok- After The People’s Allience For Democracy (PAD)prolonged its rally to at least August 18th due to the government decided to postpone its plan to lodge a motion seeking constitutional amendment.One of the five PAD leaders,Pipop Thongchai,said it was only stupid tactic planned by some government MPs to make PAD’s people bored and tired down to join the rally time and time again.However, another PAD core member,Somkiat Pongpaiboon announced to the rally that the next second whistle blowing will be the final signal and the final battle of the people to determine thier country destination,win is win,loss is loss, he emphasized. (Teerada o1,reported from Bangkok,August 3rn.)