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People With Umbrellas

                                                  People With Umbrellas

                                                     People with umbrellas

                                                     Beautiful but challenge

                                                     In the stormy nights,and on the sunny days

                                                     All they’re  marching in to touch their ways

                                                              Carry on standing,carry on shouting 

                                                              Carry on singing,and carry on dancing

                                                              Throughout 90 days long

                                                               On the road of Rachadamnoen songs

                                                        People with umbrellas

                                                       Graceful as in the drama

                                                        Standing shoulders by shoulders

                                                        Staring and crying together

                                                    I know what would end on coming Tuesday

                                                    I know what to touch is not far away

                                                    But I never need to close my eyes

                                                    When everyone has to say good-bye

                   ( Anonymous: The song of People With umbrellas,written before the final day of PAD rally)


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