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Neo-Politics Needed After Tasks.


                                             Neo-Politics Needed After Tasks

                    After the coming Tuesday 26th victorious declaration didnot reach its goals as expected.The People’sAlliance For Democracy or PAD core leaders turned the tactics of scatterring their tarkets as in virous protests,the tarkets could be predictatble,ie,the Gorvernment House,the Transport Ministry,and the Public Relation Department’s Radio Station and TV Station,and finally PAD mass laid siege to the Goverment House as their main protest site in order to escalate their battle goals.

                    The violent situations broke out,in Bangkok,there were the clash between PAD supporters and police at the PAD protest site at Makkawan Bridge,the incidents that police fired tear gas to the thousands of PAD demonstrators in front of the Headquarter of the Metropolitan Police Bureau.More over,the uprising of PAD supporters in the southern provinces seemed to increase the tesion,PAD supporters sieged the airport of Phuket,Songkhla,Krabi,meanwhile the unsatisfaction towrd the governmentof the people widen throughout the country.  

                    The government is in a dilemma,what should to be done?,to dissolve the parliament,or the Prime Minister should resign of the premier to cool temper.However, it is believed that even if PAD movement meets its victory.The tasks to be undertaking on are not to design the new form of election,or getting rid of Thaksin’s Nominee group,or to embody their idealism selected political parties,but the ultimately predictable tarkets of PAD kingpin leadres which already scheme in mind is to tranform the political structure of Thailand,the Neo-Political theme with the existence of the Monarchy Institution shall be instead.”It is enough and enough for our previous bull shit democracy”said Prof Puwadol Boonprasert one of PAD kingpin leaders. (teerada01,31st,August)


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