Miss Teen Culture Contest

Miss Teen Culture Contest

By Utis sakulpakee

The first Miss teen Culture Contest of Thailand was held in Nongbualamphu province,on 21th of january,2011.18 entries were promoted to join this activity,and more than 500 viewers came to be this activity witness.

This photo shows a talent show of a candidate.


People With Umbrellas

                                                  People With Umbrellas

                                                     People with umbrellas

                                                     Beautiful but challenge

                                                     In the stormy nights,and on the sunny days

                                                     All they’re  marching in to touch their ways

                                                              Carry on standing,carry on shouting 

                                                              Carry on singing,and carry on dancing

                                                              Throughout 90 days long

                                                               On the road of Rachadamnoen songs

                                                        People with umbrellas

                                                       Graceful as in the drama

                                                        Standing shoulders by shoulders

                                                        Staring and crying together

                                                    I know what would end on coming Tuesday

                                                    I know what to touch is not far away

                                                    But I never need to close my eyes

                                                    When everyone has to say good-bye

                   ( Anonymous: The song of People With umbrellas,written before the final day of PAD rally)


     Bangkok- After The People’s Allience For Democracy (PAD)prolonged its rally to at least August 18th due to the government decided to postpone its plan to lodge a motion seeking constitutional amendment.One of the five PAD leaders,Pipop Thongchai,said it was only stupid tactic planned by some government MPs to make PAD’s people bored and tired down to join the rally time and time again.However, another PAD core member,Somkiat Pongpaiboon announced to the rally that the next second whistle blowing will be the final signal and the final battle of the people to determine thier country destination,win is win,loss is loss, he emphasized. (Teerada o1,reported from Bangkok,August 3rn.)

The Day Of Whistle Blowing

      In the midst of many ten thousands of People’s Allience For Democracy or PAD fronts rally in the night of july,30.The phrases of the important signal were announced ” Now the whistles are being blown,on the first of August it will be the last day of Taksin’sNominee Government,every road of our people must be bound for Bangkok at Rajchadamnern road to unite with us.The phrases were annouced by 2-3 PAD leaders,especially by major general Chamlong Srimuang,the kingpin of PAD. -Teerada 01 reported from Bangkok,july,30

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