Bangkok,August 9th- The two political movement phenomenon were comparatively mentioned at the rally of PAD or People’s Allience for demovracy against the government by Somkiat Pongpaiboon,one PAD core leader.These so-called phenomenon were; the participation of students number for each political movement in the past and present time,he addressed that,previously, regardless of any rallies or demonstrations of peasants,labourers,or any other people groups who were affected by various unjustice,the students would be the front line of the struggles in order to lead the people to accomplished their expected purposes,but currently,particularly,for this movement,where have our students gone?,are they concentrating in widespread trade centers,delighting themselves with hard drink ,singing and dancing in some entertained places,or even confined themselves in the narrow classes of their campusses,he also utterly and wearily questioned.How ever,apparently,there are a number  of students from many universities throughout the country come and join the rally  with the aged and middle aged people who come from various scial statusses and social classes whose their same tarkets are to overcome The Puppet Thaksin Nominee Government leading by the Prime minister Samak Sunthorawet.The most mentionable university quoted for this rally is Rangsit University,a famous private university which lets its instructors,students,uncluding permits for using its vehicles to make convenience to take part with this rally. (Teerada 01,reported)