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Bloody Rally, But Royal Voice Still Quiet.


                                              Bloody Rally,But Royal Voice Still Quiet

   After becoming the longest days rally of People’s Alliance For Democracy (PAD) against Thaksin’s Nominee government,which thier escalated demands ended with the need for new political context suitable for Thailand as well as seeking the resignation of the current government leading by Prime minister Somchai Wongsawat,a brother in law of Thaksin Chinnawatra, the former Prime minister who escaped 5 charges of arrested warrants to England.The new politics for Thailand is PAD and other groups of people’s supreme tarkets to be formatted and apllied.Other than that,the traditional roles of the monarch that have been detained and limited within the written constitutions for more than 60 years are required to be returned back and performed in Thai social norms again.

       The violent crackdown on PAD protesters happened in the dawn of the 7 th October (coincidentally to the cruel suppressed against students in the 6th October 1975) in front of parliament when the anti-riot police fired the tear gas and plastic bullets including other unidentified war weapons to dispersed the protesters.The operation pursuited throughout the day until to the evening,caused 3 deads and more than 300 injuries PAD protesters.The incident tended to be more violent,and the armed force suppressions were  expected to be acted again in the night.PAD crowd at the rally sites and in the nationwide expected to see the armed force military who stand with royal side, coming out with the better final resolution to solve the crisis, but everything seemed to be quiet.

(Teerada 01,Posted on 9 th October 2008)


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